Paris Jackson Did NOT Feud With Janet At Joe Jackson’s Funeral, Despite RadarOnline Claim

Paris Janet Jackson Feud

Paris Jackson did not feud with Janet Jackson at the funeral for Joe Jackson, despite a report. Paris herself is slamming a site for this untrue report.

“Jackson Family Feud Explodes At Patriarch Joe’s Funeral,” reads a RadarOnline headline. The website contends that while the funeral was held on Monday, the “famous family couldn’t stop feuding long enough to let their patriarch rest in peace.” It’s specifically alleged Paris and Janet, Joe’s granddaughter and daughter respectively, “refused to speak and kept far away from each other.”

A so-called “source” describes Paris as “frosty,” and claims she “chose to stay away from her father’s siblings.” The blog further asserts Paris is “furious with her aunt for not spending Joe’s last days by his side,” and also quotes an equally untraceable “insider,” who maintains “Paris thinks Janet is acting fake.” The outlet also repeats its other recent allegations about the pair, claiming “Janet and Paris were fighting over who would cover the costs of the funeral.”

Notably, no reputable publications that also wrote about Joe’s passing and his funeral have made similar claims. TMZ did a straightforward post announcing, “Joe Jackson: Janet Jackson, Extended Family Attend Funeral.” The Blast reported, “Joe Jackson Laid to Rest in Private Service, Family Photos Shown During Ceremony.” Neither site, which closely covers the Jackson family, said anything about an ongoing issue between Paris and Janet.

So, why is RadarOnline making such unverified claims then? Quite possibly because the website made them up. In response to these allegations, Paris wrote on Twitter on Tuesday evening, “janet and i haven’t argued in over 6 years, stop with these stupid rumors. i have nothing but love for my family and they all know it. [expletive] off.”

The blog has a history of publishing false stories about Paris. In fact, she’s even called them out for it before. In 2016, Paris blasted the online publication for peddling a tale about a relapse and intervention. She bluntly tweeted, “That’s all [expletive]. My family’s smarter than to believe the slander and trash you [expletive] are spreading about me.”

More recently, last month Paris helped set the record straight on a story about dating “three women at once,” as alleged by RadarOnline and its sister publication, the National Enquirer. After our bust, she posted, “i’ve never met miss benzo. caroline is one of my bestest friends who is **straight** and **married**, and also the mother of my godchild. cara and i were never officially exclusive, you guys made that up.” It seems like the website is still making up a lot.


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