Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Taking ‘Second Chance At Love’?

Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Second Chance Love

(OK Australia)

A tabloid cover story about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston taking a “second chance at love” is completely made-up. As Gossip Cop has reiterated, the ex-spouses aren’t back together. We can debunk this latest report in the ongoing saga.

According to OK! Australia, the exes “are giving things a second try” after splitting 13 years ago. The magazine claims the two have spent several months reconnecting through “weekends away and meet-ups at mutual pal George Clooney’s home.” Of course, we’ve already debunked several stories surrounding these supposed “meet-ups,” which haven’t happened.

The unreliable outlet adds, “It’s been like old times for the iconic duo. They’re really making up for lost time and they’re enjoying their second chance at love.” From there, the outlet looks back at a few of Pitt and Aniston’s imaginary get-togethers from earlier this year. The tabloid first maintains that they took a trip to the Napa Valley in March “where they were seen visiting wine properties together.” Gossip Cop, however, already debunked the report about Pitt and Aniston being spotted in California’s wine region.

From there, the magazine recalls Pitt and Aniston’s supposed “nightcap” at Clooney’s house following a pre-Oscars party. But when that narrative first emerged in March, reps for all involved assured us it was nonsense. The outlet goes on to say that Pitt and Aniston had dinner at Clooney’s house in Lake Como over the summer. We corrected that bogus premise as well. Pitt didn’t even visit Italy this past summer. Basically, the magazine’s cover story is just a rundown of many of this year’s false articles about the ex-spouses.

Earlier this year, around the same time that OK! Australia claims the exes reunited, People reported that Pitt and Aniston “haven’t seen each other in ages.” This was backed up by the actress’s close friend Portia de Rossi, who told Us Weekly in June that Aniston and her ex-husband “haven’t seen each other,” adding, “I know for a fact.” And as recently as July, “Entertainment Tonight” noted that Pitt “has taken a step away from dating” amid his custody battle with Angelina Jolie. The actor, who’s focused on his children at this time, isn’t sneaking around with his ex-wife.

Additionally, separate spokespeople for both Pitt and Aniston have told Gossip Cop on the record several times that they’re not back together. These countless tabloid stories claiming otherwise are based on information from anonymous and seemingly nonexistent “sources.” Reps qualified to speak on each star’s behalf, however, keep dismissing this ongoing narrative about them reconciling. This latest report regarding a “second chance at love” is more fiction.


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