5 Wrong Rumors About Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Getting Married Again

Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Married Again

For the better part of 2018, the tabloids have been falsely claiming Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are back together. And not only that, but several magazines have gone as far as alleging they’re remarrying. Below, check out five wrong rumors about Pitt and Aniston getting married again.

Less than two weeks after Aniston’s February separation from Justin Theroux, New Idea published a cover story announcing a “wedding and a baby” for her and Pitt. The outlet claimed the former spouses reunited and “really wanted to do something major to show that they’re together and are committed to making it work once and for all.” And so, claimed a so-called “source,” they “decided to walk down the aisle and have a commitment ceremony to one another with just their inner circle present” in Anguilla. Of course, neither star was spotted there, as Gossip Cop noted at the time. And just days before this nonsense was peddled, People confirmed that Aniston and Pitt hadn’t seen each other “in ages.”

In early March, Woman’s Day did a cover story about a “surprise Hawaii wedding.” In this tale, it was alleged they were planning to remarry to represent a “fresh start” and a “new beginning.” The purported guest list was said to include Aniston’s “Friends” co-stars, as well as Julia Roberts and the Clooneys. A supposed “source” maintained, “Brad and Jen already know each other inside out and they’re so happy to be back together, so they figure, why wait?” Well, they would have to wait considering neither of them were legally single at that point (and still aren’t). But more significantly, they hadn’t even reunited, Gossip Cop again confirmed. “Entertainment Tonight” had also reported Pitt and Aniston were “absolutely not dating.”

Later that same month, NW tried to dupe fans into thinking Pitt and Aniston were “married in Paris.” Of course, just like they weren’t seen in the Caribbean, the former spouses also weren’t spotted together in France. But the publication tried to sell this cover story by using photos of the actress in a white wedding dress. What it didn’t tell readers was that the pictures were from the set of Marley & Me, when Aniston and Owen Wilson’s characters got married. Gossip Cop exposed this lie, and also explained how the tabloid was using a photoshopped picture to further trick people. The original snapshot was a 2010 image of Pitt kissing Angelina Jolie, who was now digitally replaced with Aniston just to further fool readers.

In April, New Idea made no mention of the alleged “commitment ceremony” in Anguilla when it claimed Aniston and Pitt were going to remarry in Missouri. According to this article, the former couple had already returned to the actor’s hometown to meet with his family and pastor to discuss a wedding. It was even asserted they would “both be baptized later this year before they officially wed,” with an alleged “insider” insisting, “We’re pretty sure they’ll be married in Missouri before the end of the year.” But while the magazine had the right name of Pitt’s childhood priest, the pastor he had long since retired. A spokesperson for Pitt also assured Gossip Cop this Missouri wedding story was entirely “false.”

Then in June, In Touch offered its own “wedding and a baby” cover story. Using the wrong premise that Pitt and Aniston had reconciled, the outlet contended they were “planning to wed and start a family.” An untraceable “insider” claimed they were “set on rushing their divorces and pushing for a summer wedding.” Added this supposed tipster, “Their shared dream of coming full circle, marrying again and having the child they always wanted is finally coming true.” That was an awfully ironic word choice because not a word of this report was true. In fact, Aniston’s rep flat-out told Gossip Cop, “It is simply a made-up story that has no relationship with reality.” Just a week later, People reported Aniston is “very happy being single.”

Since Aniston and Pitt’s divorce in 2005, the gossip media has continuously spread bogus stories about them getting back together. But the rumor mill really went into overdrive during the last five or so months, fabricating multiple weddings for a coupling that’s been over for more than a decade. And as long as fans keep purchasing these issues at the checkout stands, the tabloids are going to keep manufacturing the phony cover stories. Gossip Cop will keep calling out the wrong rumors as necessary.


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